Separation Anxiety In Adults Vaughan

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Separation anxiety is a personality disorder that is similar to separation anxiety as seen in children around the age of six months to 5 years. Adults with anxiety disorders in their childhood or living with overbearing parents are most susceptible to separation anxiety disorders. Past traumatic experiences such as losing someone close or being abandoned can also be the causes in adults.

Separation anxiety disorder is tough to build a healthy relationship. It ruins marriage and families as it prevents the object of attachment from living an independent life. A milder form of separation anxiety disorder in adults is casually called being “needy”. 

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In extreme cases, it is linked to other concerns such as 

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Personality disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Mood disorder
  • Substance abuse
  • Other mental disorder

When to Seek Help for Separation Anxiety Disorder in Adults

It is normal to feel anxious about leaving our loved ones or being out of reach with them but when the fear prevents normal daily activities like participating at work, panic attacks, inability to perform regular physical functions and responsibilities, it becomes a matter of grave concern.

Separation anxieties in adults result from the fear of being away from the spouses, children or even a friend or pets. 

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety Disorder in Adults are

  • Feeling an unreasonable fear that the loved one or yourself will be fatally injured or abducted
  • Extreme hesitance or apparent refusal to leave the proximity of the attached ones
  • Inability to sleep away from the loved one for the anxiety of fearing that a fatality would occur to you or them
  • Anxiety attacks, depression, stress or illness such as physical pain, headaches or even diarrhoea due to separation or the thought of separation
  • Inability to perform responsibilities or daily routines in the absence of the loved ones
  • Needing to know and continuously talk to or reaching to the loved ones
  • Excessive apprehension about being alone or leaving the other person alone

If any of these symptoms persist for over six months, you can seek help and support at the Family Matters Plus in Vaughan where specialised social workers can help you cope with the anxiety order through various methods.

We do a comprehensive examination in Vaughan and use the result to evaluate the severity of the condition. Since this is a sensitive issue, we provide a confidential approach for the privacy of our clients and plot strategies to help you cope with the anxiety so that you can lead a normal life if you are going through a divorce or family separation or need to learn to let go of someone you love.