Social Workers Vaughan 

Social workers in Vaughan play an essential role in helping people get through the various life crisis, relationship situations and even assist in handling addictions, domestic abuse and physical disability. They help clients by assessing the situation, identifying the problems and responding to them with solutions and support to ease the impact and affects it has on the individual, friends, family and children.

At Family Matters Counselling in Vaughan, we have social workers who work directly for our institution to provide clinical services and they specialize in providing different types of counselling to children teenagers, couples and families. They deal with illness in the family, addictions, family issues, marriage and divorce, and motivational support. 

Family Counselling

In Family counselling, our social worker addresses family issues and problems to help and guide them through difficult life challenges and changes. The social worker accesses family history, traditions, habits and beliefs through a technical procedure to help the clients solve their problems and strengthen their bond or help them overcome negative family pattern and practices that cause dysfunctional families.

Couples Therapy

Our social worker in Vaughan uses couples counselling to assist people in intimate relationship overcome problems such as communication gaps, anger and insecurity, verbal or physical abuse, unhealthy attachments and harmful habits. The social worker counsels each person individually and together to assess the root of the situation and help them discover ways to overcome the problems and recommend services and life changes.

Martial Counselling

Our social counsellor is also available for marital counselling. Whether it is marriage apprehensions, family differences or resolving issues before marriage, the social worker can study the causes of the problems and suggest the best approach to overcome them at a per-marriage counselling session.

Marriage counselling is also taken by the social worker who provides services to overcome physical, emotional or mental trauma in marriage and develop mutually beneficial methods to establish a successful married life.

Even if divorce is a subject, the social worker can help couples talk through the settling process with integrity and help you deal with the legal and emotional aspects of a divorce.

Drugs and Alcohol Intervention

Our social workers use an aggressive method to confront clients battling with addiction when family interference and other ways do not work. The social worker effectively communicates with the addict about how and why the client needs the therapy. Depending on the severity and compliance of the client, the therapist divides each treatment with a group and individual sessions to help the client overcome the addiction through a reflective approach.

Located in a friendly, clean and comfortable environment, Family Matters Counselling provides useful and life-changing therapy sessions by dedicated, knowledgeable and highly skilled social workers. If you need a social worker in Vaughan, feel free to make an appointment and experience a peaceful, healthy lifestyle.