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While not a welcomed first choice, divorce and separation continues to be a “realistic trend” amongst married and common law couples. In fact, statistics show that the rate of rising of divorce couples has increased from 12% in 1960 to 44% globally in 2017. The number of divorces in Canada has risen exponentially as well. However, the painful process of getting through a Separation or Divorce can be eased with the help of a professional divorce counselling Vaughan in Ontario.

What Does Couple and Family Counselling Do?

Separation and Divorce can be a complicated process; it affects both parties physically, mentally and emotionally. These emotional complications are made more challenging by the financial and legal consequences. At the heart of the pain of divorce are the children who are directly impacted; as well, extended family members are not left out in the saga either.

Couple and Family Counselling is a professional relationship therapy aimed at dealing with married couples who may separating, separated, be considering divorce, or are dealing with post-divorce effects. 

Who needs Couple and Family Counselling in the city of Vaughan and Barrie?

Couple and Family counselling in Vaughan  and Barrie is best suited for those couples who may be going through a rough patch in their relationship and are looking to repair; for way forward; to manage the challenges of the complications of divorce process; or live life after divorce is finalized. Services provided depends on the stage at which you are in in your relationship. 

Couples in conflict looking for repairs- common symptoms/problems that we can help with include:

• Communication challenges

• Intimacy

• Extramarital affairs

• Physical and emotional dis-compatibility

• Unachieved expectations

• Differences in opinions and goals

• Parenting challenges

• Trust Issues-Dishonesty, suspicion, jealousy

• Extended family Conflict

• Modern/blended family set up

Our service has helped several couples in conflict to revive hope and feel energized to try and make their relationship work again.

Already separated/Divorced—We provide:

• Mediation Services (alternative to court)

• Custody and Access Services

• Parenting after separation

• Communication

• Extended families

• Emotional/psychological challenges

• Working with a difficult ex-partner

• Domestic violence services

Why Your Children May need Professional Help?

Children take a direct hit when their parents separate/divorce. Children are known to be impacted by their parents broken relationship up until late adulthood. How the children fair in a divorce is not usually because the parents divorce but instead, research confirms that it is more how the adults handle the conflicts during these difficult times that leaves a long-lasting effect on the children. The outcome can be to make them stronger in managing potential conflicts of their own as they negotiate life or leave them damaged and struggling emotionally long term. Most parents want their children to come out with minimal negative impact. However, this can be challenging as you struggle with your own emotions; and Divorce Counselling Vaughan can provide the professional support you and your children need.

Some tell tale changes you might see in children include but not limited to:

• Aggressive behaviors, clinginess, withdrawal, isolation, academic regression, defiant behaviours, excessive, unusually pleasing parent, guilt, shame, withdrawal from social activities, playing the role of parent, wanting to make things right for you, substance use and many more.

• Your child reaction to your separation will be affected by their age, stage of development, psychological and mental maturity or the presence of disabilities.


• Studies have also shown the effect of divorce in increasing the risk to a child’s mental health. Children of divorced parents show more symptoms of psychological problems irrespective of their age, gender or culture.

Divorce counselling can help your children understand and manage their emotions and the impact of their parents’ separation on them. Accessing professional support for your children when you are dealing with divorce can give you the peace of mind that they are getting the help they need to meet their own emotional needs while you work on your divorce.

What to expect from Family Matters Plus Couple and Family  Counselling  Services?

We at Family Matters Plus Counselling Services provide professional support to individuals, couples and children and extended family members who may be impacted by the saga of divorce. Our therapy sessions provide you with a respectful, safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to access solution to your challenges. Our sessions are strength based, solution focused and result oriented.

Family Mediation:

This is the process of choice for couples who are looking for an amicable separation that is less emotionally and financially costly than the courts. Mediation allows couples to have detailed input in the crafting of their own agreement thereby making it easier for them to abide by.

Your mediator plays a neutral role in facilitating a discussion that help you come to an agreement that you are both satisfied with. Evidence shows that couples who complete mediation are often happier with the outcome than if they went to court. After mediation, you will receive a draft separation agreement that uses the terms agreed upon in the mediation.

With full knowledge that issues of separation/divorce tends to provoke high stress, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a satisfactory outcome.

We provide skilled and experience services for:

• Child Support

• Parenting plan

• Custody and Access

• Spousal Support

Our additional services

• Depression

• Group counselling

• Individual counselling

• Anxiety,

• Anger management

• Family Mediation

• Grief/Bereavement

• PTSD/PTSG (Post Traumatic Stress Growth)

“Our mind and body work as a team. Our body is like a display case for our thoughts; our thoughts the storage for what our body displays . Nourish one and the other benefits.” 

Growing up, I have always been concerned about the wellbeing of others around me; meaning that, I needed for all others around me to feel well in other for me to wholefull enjoy my own wellness. I always want to make things better. This need for all to be well must have been the catalyst to my decision to pitch my professional tent in working with people where I can help to make things better. My current passion and focus of service is with people struggling with anxiety, depression and/or relationship problems; dealing with experience of trauma and crisis management. The areas where I have worked includes (1) helping to create better lives for women and their families, who lived in rural settings, through improved economic capacities, better relationships with family members, accessing health care facilities e.t.c.

(2) working with children in need of protection because of their experiences such as physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, abuse or neglect. (3) Providing support to new/young parents, new immigrants parents of children aged 0-6. (4) Facilitating positive relationship support groups for adolescents (5) facilitating anti-oppression anti-racism groups 

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Service Modalities




Stress Management

Relationship Counselling

Parenting Issues

Domestic Violence

Drug Abuse

 Substance Addiction


Child and Adolescent

Self arming behaviors

Suicidal Ideation

Parent Teen Conflict

Chronic Pain


Crisis Intervention

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Family Mediation

Why go through the emotional and financial burden court process: Mediation is a proven effective option. You can resolve:

Parenting Plan

Custody and Access Issues

Child Support Conflicts

Often times, our deepest emotional pain may come from our interaction with those who mean the most to us; those who we have blood ties or spend the bulk of out time with.


Whichever category of your relationship is causing you pain  things can be better.

And I can help!

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24 Hours service 

Receive therapy anytime, anywhere, without having to travel or set an appointment.  

Confidential therapy through your cellphone, tablet, laptop.

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Therapy Groups

Parenting Groups

Healthy Youth Relationship 

New parents

Post Traumatic Growth

Growing after separation or Divorce

 New Life-Seeking New Excitement

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Group Conferencing

Alternative Dispute Resolution method:

For families who are involved with the child welfare system

Resolve Interpersonal/Family Conflicts.

Resolves conflicts within professional or social relationships 

Professional Respectful Proven Fast Efficient and Financially Viable 

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