Divorce Counselling Vaughan & Mississauga Services

Though divorce is common among many married couples all over the world, the number of divorces is rising in Canada as well. The painful process of divorce can be mitigated through professional divorce Counselling services in Vaughan, Ontario.

What is Divorce Counselling Vaughan & Mississauga Services?

Divorce Counselling Vaughan is a relationship therapy structured for married couples on the verge of having a permanent separation or dealing with the aftermath of a divorce.

Divorce is a complicated process that drains both the parties emotionally, physically and mentally because of the legal and financial factors that also needs consideration. It affects not only the separating or separated couple but also the families and friends involved in their union. 

Who needs Divorce Counselling in the city of Vaughan & Mississauga?

When couples go through a hard time in their marriage, we specialize in Counselling them on various issues that breaks a marriage. Some of the common problems we often deal with are:

  • emotional and physical incompatibility,
  • communication gap,
  • different views and goals,
  • unattained expectations
  • extramarital affairs,
  • jealousy, anger, and insecurity,
  • parenting issues,
  • fall-out with the in-laws and extended families

Some situations are better when the couples separate permanently, but if both individuals are willing to commit to fixing the marriage, a divorce counselor can help you attain that goal.

Benefits of Divorce Counselling For Vaughan & Mississauga Residents

The quality counselling sessions at Family Matters help couples deal with the emotional, legal and psychological stress of getting a divorce or post-divorce.

  • It gives couples a standard and neutral platform to resolve past and current conflicts
  • Understand the cause of divorce and how to fix it
  • The sessions allow couples to identify the cause of trauma,
  • Revive intimacy
  • Increase productivity toward common goals
  • Guidance towards making the best decision for the couple and family
  • Assistance in legal procedures

Divorce Counselling can help couples to move on with their personal and professional lives by offering professional support and assistance through the healing process if the couples decide to divorce. If the couples are not yet divorced, we also provide other Counselling methods can save the relationship.

What to Expect From Divorce Counselling Vaughan & Mississauga Services

Family Matters Counselling in Vaughan & Mississauga offers professional marriage counselor for couples Counselling and individual Counselling to help couples negotiate terms of a divorce or rebuilding the marriage. The sessions can be conducted individually, as a couple or n a group according to the couple’s needs. These sessions are an emotionally focused therapy that respects the privacy and discretion of the clients.

Our goal is to give the couples the best option for their emotional and mental well-being with self-esteem and integrity.

“Our mind and body work as a team. Our body is like a display case for our thoughts; our thoughts the storage for what our body displays . Nourish one and the other benefits.” 

Growing up, I have always been concerned about the wellbeing of others around me; meaning that, I needed for all others around me to feel well in other for me to wholefull enjoy my own wellness. I always want to make things better. This need for all to be well must have been the catalyst to my decision to pitch my professional tent in working with people where I can help to make things better. My current passion and focus of service is with people struggling with anxiety, depression and/or relationship problems; dealing with experience of trauma and crisis management. The areas where I have worked includes (1) helping to create better lives for women and their families, who lived in rural settings, through improved economic capacities, better relationships with family members, accessing health care facilities e.t.c.

(2) working with children in need of protection because of their experiences such as physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, abuse or neglect. (3) Providing support to new/young parents, new immigrants parents of children aged 0-6. (4) Facilitating positive relationship support groups for adolescents (5) facilitating anti-oppression anti-racism groups 

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Service Modalities




Stress Management

Relationship Counselling

Parenting Issues

Domestic Violence

Drug Abuse

 Substance Addiction


Child and Adolescent

Self arming behaviors

Suicidal Ideation

Parent Teen Conflict

Chronic Pain


Crisis Intervention

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Family Mediation

Why go through the emotional and financial burden court process: Mediation is a proven effective option. You can resolve:

Parenting Plan

Custody and Access Issues

Child Support Conflicts

Often times, our deepest emotional pain may come from our interaction with those who mean the most to us; those who we have blood ties or spend the bulk of out time with.


Whichever category of your relationship is causing you pain  things can be better.

And I can help!

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24 Hours service 

Receive therapy anytime, anywhere, without having to travel or set an appointment.  

Confidential therapy through your cellphone, tablet, laptop.

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Therapy Groups

Parenting Groups

Healthy Youth Relationship 

New parents

Post Traumatic Growth

Growing after separation or Divorce

 New Life-Seeking New Excitement

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Group Conferencing

Alternative Dispute Resolution method:

For families who are involved with the child welfare system

Resolve Interpersonal/Family Conflicts.

Resolves conflicts within professional or social relationships 

Professional Respectful Proven Fast Efficient and Financially Viable 

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