marriage counsellor and social worker

Olayinka Madamidola

I am a Social Worker with a Master’s Degree (MSW) and I have worked in a variety of  fields within social work for over 25 years.  My work includes helping children, youth and adults, in an individual, couple, or group  settings to improve mental, emotional, and psychological health.  I am an expert in positive parenting, mental and emotional well being, conflict resolution and group facilitation.

Knowledge Base

I am extensively trained in evidence based approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused, Strength Based, Signs of Safety, Anti-Oppression, Anti-Racism, Child Development, and Alternative (to court) Dispute Resolution Options - Family Mediation and Family Group Conferencing. I can provide efficient and effective expert support in crisis intervention, ongoing conflict resolution/mediation and post traumatic growth support. I also have the experience and expertise to support families who are involved with Child Protection Agencies.

My Personality Vs Your Needs

You will find me to be compassionate, knowledgeable, skillful, experienced and positive. I will work with you to help you be the best you can be - help you move from a point of being sad, stuck, confused, and/or frustrated to a space of seeing things clearer, where you can breathe sigh of relief, be able to focus, with renewed hope, faith and energy that your goals of a better you and better times are ​attainable.

Hope and Faith

In my personal and professional life experiences, I have been privileged to experience people bounce back and recuperate from the most trying of challenges. With the right support and resources the journey to overcome is made easier and shorter. I work from a place of compassion, I have deep respect for my clients’ values, strengths, life experiences and dignity. I value my clients as the expert in their own life with the rights and responsibilities to make decisions that best suits their goals. I strongly respect my clients' decision to get help and feel privileged to be allowed to walk with you in this challenging journey - I take this honor very seriously. I respect the differences that make us unique and the commonalities that strengthen us. Be it religious, spiritual and/or cultural beliefs, I may employ this in exploring to find the solution that works for you. I diligently protect your confidentiality.


I work with a team of professionals and engage in professional development activities to ensure that I am always learning so that I can offer you effective, efficient and qualitative service.  I strive very hard to ensure that you get the best service possible. In my collaborative work with you, we’ll frequently evaluate progress together in every session and reassess goals to ensure that you are receiving the best possible outcomes. If we find that I am not the best fit to meet your needs, I will be sure to assist you in finding a more suitable professional who may be better able to support you.

I am a member of and accountable to the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, the Ontario Association of Family Mediators, and, the Ontario Provincial Family Group Conferencing Body.